Individual Rankings

Parkersburg South strength of schedule should not confuse you with some of their wrestlers records.


Snyder was the first girl to place at the OVAC Tournament, will she be the 1st girl OVAC champion? Simms wrestled the 2022 OVAC Tournament with a broken hand! Huntsman lose in the blood round last year, the rest have something to prove. Snyder has been fight sickness this season and has about a total of 10 matches. Martin has a few titles this year as well.

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2022 OVAC 2021 OVAC 2020
1 Simms Mason Well 12th 7th 106    
2 Martin Pepper Univ 10th      
3 Snyder Hayley WL 12th 7th 113    
4 Huntsman Johnathan Barn 11th      
5 King Aaydin PS 9th      
6 Eckles Tristan EL 10th      
7 Milton Chase BL 9th      
8 Anderson Aiden OG 10th      
9 Pendleton Brock IC 11th      
10 Fisher Justin BvL 10th      
11 Bolock Gavin UL 10th      
12 Hostuttler Wyatt Weir 10th      
13 Garvin Hadden JM 9th      
14 Lewis Octavious Mari 10th      


Brock Pendleton (Indian Creek) pin Justice Fisher (Beaver Local) 0:34

Quintin Burns-12 Liberty Fall Mason Simms (Well) 3:36 2nd @ Malvern

Octavious Lewis (Marietta) pin Cole McKown (Caldwell) 0:34 Lewis

G Vasey (Bellaire) pin C Milton ( Buckeye Local) 1:51 @ 113

Martin (Univ) Champion @ NY @ 113

Pepper Martin (University) 10-0, So. d Johnathan Huntsman (Barnesville) 9-1, Jr. (Dec 6-4) Champion @ UL

Mason Simms Wellsville Champion @ United

106 Johnathan Huntsman (Barnesville) dec. Aaydin King (Park. South) 7-0 Finals @ Barn

106 Jordan Dearth*PS (X1) pin Brock Pendleton (Indian Creek) 0:37

Aaydin King (Park. South) pin Brock Pendleton (Indian Creek) 1:25

Justice Fisher (Beaver Local) pin Henry Booth (Newcomerstown) 2:07 3rd @ BvL

Justice Fisher (Beaver Local) dec. Aiden Anderson (Oak Glen) 8-2

Pepper Martin (University ) 11-1 won in sudden victory - 1 over Herschel Heiskell (University ) 2-2 (SV-1 7-5)

Pepper Martin (University ) 11-1 won by decision over Xaden Willett (East Fairmont) 7-2 (Dec 9-5) 3rd @ Univ

Hunter Newell South Range Fall Mason Simms Wellsville 5:24 2nd @ Div 3 Classic

Fisher, Justin (Beaver Local) over Harvey, Cole   (Steubenville) Maj Dec 13-5

 Tristian Eckles (EAST LIVERPOOL) over Joseph Rea (Brooke Co) TF 16-0

106 Pepper Martin (University) over Cole Harvey (STEUBENVILLE) Fall 2:50

 Aiden Anderson OG d Justuce Fisher BvL 7-6

Snyder Warrior Fittness Girls invitational Champion

Snyder  F.I.G.H.T at Findlay Ohio 2nd place

106: Aiden Anderson (OG) DEC 9-4 over Justuce Fisher (BvL)


Mason Simms-12 Wellsville Pin0:51 Cody Carpenter-11 Girard Champion @ Jackson Milton

106 Aiden Anderson (OG) fall Brock Pendleton 1:46





Davis is in charge here. 4th, 5th, 6th @ 106 vs 6th @ 120 seems interesting!?

Davis still is above the rest here.

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2022 OVAC 2021 OVAC 2020
1 Davis Logan OG 11th 1st 106    
2 Rossiter Tristen Shen 11th 4th 106    
3 Ward Zander JM 10th 5th 106    
4 Mahoney Jase MF 10th 6th 106    
5 Emery Brodie Univ 11th      
6 Claudio Mackiah PS 11th      
7 Keen Noah Camb 9th      
8 Dentz Aiden BL 10th      
9 Vasey Grant Bell 10th      
10 Warrick Christopher BvL 9th      


Christopher Warrick (Beaver Local) dec. Noah Keen (Cambridge) 11-10

Carter Lucas (WP) (2-3) placed 10th @ Washington

Emery (Univ) 2nd @ NY

Grant Vasey (Bellaire) 7-0, So. Fall Jase Mahoney (Martins Ferry) 3-2, So. (Fall 2:25) @ UL

Noah Keen 9, Cambridge  Champion @ Logan

Tristen Rossiter (Shenandoah) pin Octavious Lewis (Marietta)

 Lucas, Carter (WP) dec Ward, Zander (JM) 1-0

 Lucas WP d  Emery Univ  (7-3)

113 Tristen Rossiter (Shenandoah) pin Antony Hoty (Westfall) 2:30 3rd @ Barn

113 Zander Ward (John Marshall) dec. Mackiah Claudio (Park. South) 6-4 OT @ Barn

Tristen Rossiter (Shenandoah) pin Zander Ward (John Marshall) 1:40

Mackiah Claudio (Park. South) maj. dec. Grant Vasey (Bellaire) md16-2

Logan Davis (Oak Glen) pin Skye Jones (Austintown-Fitch) 4:26 Champion @ BvL

Aiden Bean (Marlington) pin Christopher Warrick (Beaver Local) 1:13 4th @ BvL

Jorden Willams (Chariers Houston) 46-19 major decision Brodie Emery (University ) 8-3 (MD 10-2) 2nd @ Univ

Noah Keen (Cambridge) 13-3, Fr. over Hezekiah Molina (Clearfork) 10-4, Fr. (Fall 3:05) Champion @ Cosh

120 Stimpert, Ethaniel (Steubenville) over Warrick, Chris (Beaver Local) Decision 7-5

126 - Conner Graser (University) over Seth Driscoll (BUCKEYE LOCAL) Dec 8-2

Tristen Rossiter (SHENANDOAH) over Ian Starkey (INDIAN CREEK) Fall 2:47

113 Z. Ward (JM) dec. Emery (Univ) 5-3

 Chris Warrick BEAVER LOCAL d Austin Springer EDISON 9-7

Logan Davis OG Fall Chris Warrick BvL

Jase Mahoney MF Fall Grant Vasey Bell

Logan Davis OG Fall Jase Mahoney MF

Mahoney MF Deft Vasey Bell INJ

Colyn Limbert (Buckeye (Medina)) 17-0, Jr. over Noah Keen (Cambridge) 24-4, Fr. (Fall 1:40) 2nd @ JC Gorman

Logan Davis (OG) Zander Ward (JM) Fall

113 Herschel Heiskell (U) dec. Mackiah Claudio, 6-2





   The freshman is showing off his skills early! NO change here top 3 are above the rest for now.

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2022 OVAC 2021 OVAC 2020
1 White Noah WP 10th 3rd 106    
2 Ward Dylan MF 12th 5th 113    
3 Buchheit Robert BvL 9th      
4 Harding Kaden JM 10th      
5 Gillespie Colton Univ 9th      
6 Lanzer Blake Dov 12th      
7 Stimpert Ethan Steub 11th      
8 Palmer Tristan BL 9th      
9 Roe Jack Mari 12th      
10 Pittman Logan ED 11th      
11 Chaplin Gabe Bell 9th      
12  Wolanski Wyatt OG 9th      
13 Starkey Ian IC 9th      
14 Morris Uriah PS 12th      


Pre season Results:

Buchheit BvL d Cook JM 4-0

Buchheit 2nd @ Camb

 G Chaplin (Bellaire) pin S Driscoll (Buckeye Local) 2:11

Noah White (WP) (4-1) placed 4th @ Washington

Dylan Ward (Martins Ferry) 5-0, Sr. Fall Ethan Stimpert (Steubenville) 3-1, Jr. (Fall 3:08) @ UL

Gabriel Chaplin (Bellaire) 5-1, Fr. Fall Logan Pittman (Edison ) 2-2, Jr. (Fall 0:45) @ UL

 Ethan Stimpert (Steubenville) 3-1 won by fall over Gabriel Chaplin (Bellaire) 5-1 (Fall 2:42) @UL

 Jack Roe 12, Marietta 2nd @ WL

Aiden Dentz 10, Buckeye Local 2nd @ Logan

White, Noah (WP) d Harding, Kaden (JM) 5-1

 White WP MD  Gillespie Univ (9-0)

Ian Starkey (Indian Creek) dec. Uriah Morris (Park. South) 10-6 @ Barn

Evan Protopapa (Austintown-Fitch) dec. Logan Pittman (Edison) 10-9

Colton Gillespie (University ) 11-4 won by fall over DeShawn Walcott (Morgantown) 9-3 (Fall 3:52)

Blake Ringer (East Fairmont) 7-3 major decision Lucca Troullos (Linsly) 10-3 (MD 11-1) 4th @ Univ @ 126

Levi Carpenter (East Fairmont) 9-1 won by fall over Colton Gillespie (University ) 11-4 (Fall 3:45) 4th @ Univ

Jordan Burrows (Malvern) 8-1, Jr. over Baylon Rose (Cambridge) 11-5, So. (MD 10-1) 2nd @ Cosh

Bucheit, Rob (Beaver Local) over Abbott, Charles (Steubenville) Fall 2:50

Colton Gillespie (University) over Aiden Dentz (BUCKEYE LOCAL) Dec 4-2

120 - Noah White (Wheeling Park Hs) over Ian Starkey (INDIAN CREEK) Fall 0:4

120 - Ethan Stimpert (STEUBENVILLE) over Kaden Harding (John Marshall) Fall 4:35

120 - Noah White (Wheeling Park Hs) over Tristen Rossiter (SHENANDOAH) Maj 12-2

120 Colton Gillespie (University) over Ethan Stimpert (STEUBENVILLE) Dec 14-7

120 Noah White (Wheeling Park Hs) over Colton Gillespie (University) Fall 4:00

120: Harding (JM) dec. Gillispie (Univ) 8-2

Ward MF Fall Pittman ED

Pittman d Chaplin Bell 4-1

Dorian Hadadd Steub d Chaplin Bell 4-0

120 Dylan Ward (MF) maj dec Ian Starkey 13-1

Noah White Dec Carter Putt (Indiana, Pa) #5 WPIAL

120 Wyatt Wolanski (OG) dec Ian Starkey 4-2

120 Colton Gillespie (U) p. Uriah Morris, 3:30





Two finalist many pounds up! Will be challenged by the other wrestlers. Roberts is one to watch. Pettit is just coming back from injury this week. The top 5 seem to be ahead of the pack. Garcia & Bowersock are back after injury now.  Kanyuch is having a solid season!

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2022 OVAC 2021 OVAC 2020
1 Cook Ethan JM 12th 2nd 113   6th 106
2 Roberts Brady PS 12th     1st 106
3 Pettit Slaton Cam 10th 2nd 106    
4 Garcia Pedro Dov 12th 6th 132    
5 Bowersock Brodi BvL 10th 6th 113    
6 Kanyuch Jr. Drake Shen 12th 7th 132    
7 Abbott Charlie Steub 9th      
8 Spahlinger Aiden SL 12th 8th 126    
9 Hendricks Aidan IC 11th      
10 Duty CJ OG 10th      
11 Troullos Lucca Lin 9th      
12 Eltringham Xzander Brk 12th 7th 120    
13 Berg Jacob WL 11th      
14 Graser Connor Univ 11th      


Brodi Bowersock (Beaver Local) MD Ian Starkey (Indian Creek) md14-1


Tye Rambo-11 Wellsville Fall Tyler Wiseman-10 Tusky Valley 5:05 Champion @ Malvern @ 132

3rd- Jack Roe (Marietta) pin Zack Richardson (Nelsonville-York) 2:40 3rd @ Waterford

Charlie Abbott (Steubenville) 5-0, Fr. Fall Conner Graser (University) 8-2, Jr. (Fall 3:10) @ UL

Tristan Palmer BL  2nd @ Logan

Cook, Ethan (JM) MD Duncil, Carter (WP) 12-4

Ian Starkey (IC) d over Seth Driscoll (BL) 4-1

126 Minella, Kaiden (Steubenville) over Duty, CJ (Oak Glen) Fall 0:32

Jax Forrest (Bishop McCort) pin Ethan Cook (John Marshall) 0:31 2nd @ Barn

Robert Buchheit (Beaver Local) dec. Tyler Scharrer (Canfield) 12-5 Champion @ BvL

Blake Lanzer (Dover) dec. C.J. Duty (Oak Glen) 3-0

132 Price, Aiden (BEAVER LOCAL) over Minella, Kaiden (Steubenville) Fall 1:39

126 - Ethan Cook (John Marshall) over Charlie Abbott (STEUBENVILLE) Maj 9-1

126 Abbott, Charles (Steubenville) over Xzander,Eltringham (Brooke)Fall 1:27

126: Blake Lanzer (Dov) dec. Connor Graser (Univ) 5-1

126: Blake Lanzer (Dov) pinned Xzander Eltringham (Brk) 1:38

Jason Walker (FS) Ethan Cook (JM) Dec 3-1 2nd @ Cam

126 Aidan Hendricks (IC) fall CJ Duty 3:59

CJ Duty 126 win by decision 5-3 over Lucca Troullos at St. Clairsville.






10 placers in 1 weight class, is it a record? 2 champions that have never wrestled to my knowledge? and a bunch of hungry wrestlers. The injury bug has showed up in this weight class. I'm not sure when either wrestler will be back by OVAC time.

Sate runner up Saccoccia has returned from injury.

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2022 OVAC 2021 OVAC 2020
1 King Dakota Barn 11th 1st 126    
2 Saccoccia Brody Steub 10th 1st 120    
3 Lamb Hayden OG 10th 4th 113    
4 Lowe Jack WP 10th 3rd 126    
5 Pauley Carter Univ 10th 3rd 120    
6 Adkins Carter JM 10th 7th 126    
7 Zombotti Lucas Mag 12th      
8 Rambo Tye Well 11th      
9 Dentz Logan BL 12th      
10 Rossano Jonathan MF 12th      
11 Cox Andrew HC 9th      
12 Kernik Griffen Lin 10th      
13 Sandy Derek PS 9th      


Spahlinger (SL) 3rd @ Malvern

Jack Lowe (WP) (3-2) placed 5th @ Washington

Pauley (Univ) 3rd @ NY

Carter Pauley (University) 8-1, So. d Phillip Balis (Wirt County) 6-1, Sr. (Dec 17-10) Champion @ UL

Lowe, Jack (WP) MD Atkins, Carter (JM) 10-0

Brent Rayburn (IC) Fall Tristan Palmer (BL) 3:37

Lowe WP d  Pauley Univ  (4-3)

132 Saccoccia, Brody (Steubenville) over Cline, Issac (Oak Glen) Fall 0:28

Dakota King (Barnesville) pin Robert Davis (Stow-Munroe Falls) 3:15 3rd @ Barn

Dakota King (Barnesville) tech. fall Drake Kanyuch (Shenandoah) tf19-3

Jackson Butler*BMCC (X2) dec. Dakota King (Barnesville) 4-3 OT

Hayden Lamb (Oak Glen) dec. Aiden Spahlinger (Southern Local) 4-0 Champion @ BvL

Gabriel Ruggieri (Connellsville) 8-1  major decision over Carter Pauley (University ) 11-2 (MD 12-1) 2nd @ Univ

Brennan Warwick-9 Perry Pin 4:06 Jack Lowe-10 Wheeling Park 3-0 4th @ North Canton

Boots Vandyke-12 Walsh MajDec Brody Saccoccia-10 Steubenville 15-6 2nd @ North Canton @138

Carter Pauley (University) over Tristan Palmer (BUCKEYE LOCAL) Fall 1:07

132 - Carter Adkins (John Marshall) over Kaiden Minella (STEUBENVILLE) Fall 3:47

132 - Drake Kanyuch (SHENANDOAH) over Jack Lowe (Wheeling Park Hs) Fall 2:26

132 Drake Kanyuch (SHENANDOAH) over Xzander Eltringham (Brooke Co) Fall 4:44

132 Carter Pauley (University) over Kaiden Minella (STEUBENVILLE) Fall 1:06

132 Jack Lowe (Wheeling Park Hs) over Carter Pauley (University) Dec 8-3

132 King, Dakota (Barnesville,OH) over Lowe, Jack (Wheeling Park Hs)
Tech Fall 19-4

Tye Rambo-11 Wellsville Dec Will Harmon-9 Salem 6-5 Champion @ Jackson Milton

1st- Aiden Spahlinger (Southern Local) pin Jonathan Rossano (Martins Ferry) 0:33 1st @ Shad

132: Carter Pauley (Univ) dec. Pedro Garcia (Dov) 5-4

Dominic Armistead (FS) Carter Adkins (JM) Fall 2nd @ Cam

Carter Adkins (JM) Lucas Zombotti (MAG) Dec 8-3





WOW 3 finalist! Loaded weight! This weight will still be a fun one to watch early in the tournament.

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2022 OVAC 2021 OVAC 2020
1 King Skyler Barn 11th 2nd 138    
2 Martin Ryan PS 12th 2nd 132    
3 Beadling Cal Steub 11th 2nd 126    
4 Carman Adam WP 11th 3rd 113    
5 Perez Nathan Dov 12th 4th 126    
6 Sands Issac WC 9th      
7 Neely Payton Cam 12th      
8 Gomez-Sanchez Christian Dov 11th      
9 Angelozzi Will Univ 12th      
10 Myers Clayton Camb 10th      
11 Lopez Leland HC 10th      
12 Graham Logan OG 9th      
13 Vergona Austin IC 10th      
14 Aberts Mason Bpt 12th 8th 132    
15 Powell Austin FF 12th      
16 Myers Brody UL 12th      



3rd- Quinton Puckett (Huntington Ross) pin Cale Bender (Caldwell) 2:30 4th @ Waterford

Adam Carman (WP) (5-0) placed 1st @ Washington

McKenzie (Univ) 2nd @ NY @ 145

Brody Myers (Union Local) 7-2, Sr. Fall Ayden Reedy (Circleville) 3-1, So. (Fall 4:48) Champion @ UL

Drake Kanyuch 12, Shenandoah 1st @ WL

1st Clayton Myers 10, Cambridge, Fall Logan Dentz 12, Buckeye Local 2:52 @ Logan

Austin Vergona (IC) fall Logan Dentz (BL) 5:37

Will Angelozzi University 2nd @ NY, 3rd at Union Local

Carman WP MD  Angelozzi Univ (13-2)

138 Hayden Lamb (Oak Glen) over Abbott, Charles (Steubenville) Decision 6-3

Devon Magro (Bishop McCort) tech. fall Ryan Martin (Park. South) tf19-0 2nd @ Barn

Tyler Paulus (Rootstown) dec. Hines Ford (Barnesville) 8-6 4th @ Barn

Cale Bender (Caldwell) dec. Austin Vergona (Indian Creek) 5-3

Ryan Martin (Park. South) pin Hines Ford (Barnesville) 5:35

 Dwight Fritz (Mayfield) dec. Kaydon Bobby (Beaver Local) 6-3 2nd @ BvL

Will Angelozzi (University ) 11-4 won by major decision over Griffen Kernik (Linsly) 10-3 (MD 11-0)

Jesse Showalter (Parkersburg) 6-2 major decision over Will Angelozzi (University ) 11-4 (MD 10-2) 4th @ Univ

Brandon Scott-12 Wheeling Park Dec Brody Myers-12 Union Local 4-3

 Austin Powell (Fort Frye) dec. Lucas Zombotti*MAGN (X2) 4-1 1st @ 138 @ FF

138 - Adam Carman (Wheeling Park Hs) over Austin Vergona (INDIAN CREEK) TF 16-0

Drue Instine (Triad) 14-2, Sr. over Leland Lopez (Harrison Central) 6-2, So. (Dec 1-0) 4th @ WJ

Adam Carman (Wheeling Park Hs) over Will Angelozzi (University) Maj 9-0

Isaac Sands WC d Mason Aberts Bpt 5-2

Sands WC d Neely Cam 4-2

138 King, Skyler (Barnesville,OH) over Carman, Adam (Wheeling Park Hs)
Decision 4-1

138 Leland Lopez (HC) fall Austin Vergona (IC) 5:58

1st- Mason Aberts (Bridgeport) dec. Ryan Hager (Williamsburg) 4-1 Champion @ West Musky

138: Will Angelozzi (Univ) pinned Christian Gomez-Sanchez 3:17

Isaac Sands (WCC) Payton Neely (CAM) Dec 2-1

138 Logan Graham (OG) maj dec Austin Vergona 13-1

138 Ryan Martin (PS) tech. fall Will Angelozzi, 18-3







The top 2 are above the rest for now. Lucas & Stephen have both had solid seasons so far. Tague (Barn) can also make this weight?

DiFazio just had a win over Hagedorn before dropping to 144

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2022 OVAC 2021 OVAC 2020
1 Lucas Bradyn WP 12th 1st 138    
2 DiFazio Egidio Dov 12th 5th 138    
3 Tague Logan Barn 12th     5th 126
4 Murphy Nathan PS 9th      
5 Pownall Gavin IC 9th      
6 McKeever Zach StC 12th 6th 126    
7 Hoge Ashton Cam 11th 5th 126    
8 Cox Justin BvL 11th      
9 Stansbury Damon EL 10th 8th 120    
10 Young Shawn Weir 11th      
11 McKenzie Jay Univ 10th      
12 Spohn Garret Morg 12th 5th 120    
13 Lopez Servacio HC 12th      
14 Bender Cale Cald 11th      
15 Regis Trey MF 12th      


Lucas Bradyn (WP) (3-1)  2nd @ Washington

Shawn Young (Weir)  d  Garett Spohn (Morg) 7-1

Nathan Murphy (Parkersburg South) 4-0, Fr. MD Zachary McKeever (St. Clairsville) 5-2, Sr. (MD 13-5) Champion @ UL

Jay McKenzie (University) 8-2, Jr. over Logan Boone (Union Local) 6-4, Sr. (Fall 1:57) @ UL

 Garrett Spohn (Morg) d Mikey Troullos (Lin) (12-5)

Lucas WP MD  McKenzie Univ  (12-1)

Reese Stephen (Barnesville) dec. Israel Petite (Nordonia) 2-1 Champion @ Barn

Nathan Murphy (Park. South) pin Owen McMullen (Bishop McCort) 4:56 3rd @ Barn

Pownall (IC) dec Cox (BvL) 8-2 5th @ Camb

Nathan Murphy (Park. South) dec. Gavin Pownall (Indian Creek) 5-0

Egidio DiFazio (Dover) dec. Aric Smith (Austintown-Fitch) 4-0 Champion @ BvL

Justin Cox (Beaver Local) pin Colton Spahlinger (Southern Local) 2:54 Cox 4th @ BvL

Jay McKenzie (University ) 10-3 won by fall over Garrett Spohn (Morgantown) 13-3 (Fall 5:07)

Lonzy Vielma (Connellsville) 8-2 won by fall over Jay McKenzie (University ) 10-3 (Fall 4:41) 2nd @ Univ

Bradyn Lucas-12 Wheeling Park Dec Marcus Medina-11 Edison 9-4 3rd @ North Canton

144 Cox, Justin (Beaver Local) over Edwards, Hakim (Steubenville) Maj Dec 10-1

Hines Ford (Barnesville) dec. Cale Bender (Caldwell) 8-3 @ 144

144 - Bradyn Lucas (Wheeling Park Hs) over Gavin Pownall (INDIAN CREEK) Maj 14-1

Servacio Lopez (Harrison Central) 9-2, Sr. over Taven Huff (London) 4-6, Fr. (SV-1 3-1) 5th @ WJ

144 Bradyn Lucas (Wheeling Park Hs) over Jay McKenzie (University) TF 21-6

144: Wyckoff (JM) dec. McKenzie (Univ) 10-4

 Zach Mckeever ST. CLAIRSVILLE d  Justin Cox BvL 6-2

McKeever StC winner by default Hoge Cam INJ

145 Lucas, Bradyn (Wheeling Park Hs) over Tague, Logan (Barnesville,OH)
Decision 5-1

144 Gavin Pownall (IC) dec Servacio Lopez (HC) 7-4

Damon Stansbury (East Liverpool) 11-7 won by fall over Braden Tomcik (Norton) 4-3 (Fall 2:12) 5th @ JC Gorman

150: Egidio DiFazio (Dov) dec. Dakota Hagedorn (Univ) 8-3

Zach McKeever (STC) Garret Spohn (MORG) Dec 3-2

Kolbie Hamilton (FS) Ashton Hoge (CAM) Fall 2nd @ Cam


144 Nathan Murphy (PS) dec. Jay McKenzie, 6-3






A wide open weight, just got harder adding Spencer, & now Faulks

The top 2 have had a battle already!

(150 - Quinton Velas (Wheeling Park Hs) over Charles (CJ) Spencer (INDIAN CREEK) SV-1 7-5)

3-5 have a round robbing situation to get to the finals.

Stephen (Barn) dec Velas also...

Things just got a lot harder!

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2022 OVAC 2021 OVAC 2020
1 Hagedorn Dakota Univ 12th 2nd 160   3rd 152
2 Stephen Reese Barn 11th      
3 Velas Quinton WP 12th 4th 152    
4 Spencer CJ IC 12th  4th 145   5th 132
5 Faulks Savier Steub 11th 5th 152    
6 Ward Ryan JM 12th 8th 138    
7 Powell Makiya PS 11th      
8 Jordan Luke Univ 12th      
9 Fogle Shayden MF 11th      
10 Crum Landon UL 12th      
11 Shaw Jayden EL 10th      
12 Berhalter Nathaniel Lin 11th      
13 Landfried Braedon BvL 9th      


Pre season results:

Spencer IC TF Tague Barn 19-1


1st- C.J. Spencer (Indian Creek) pin Tyler Stevens (Miami Trace) 2:22 Champion @ Camb@ 157

Quinton Velas (WP) (5-0) 1st @ Washington

Logan Tague (Barnesville) 9-0, Sr. Fall Savier Faulks (Steubenville) 4-1, Jr. (Fall 3:51) Champion @ UL

 Denvar Nelson 11, Buckeye Local 2nd @ Logan

Velas, Quinton (WP)  MD Ward, Ryan (JM) 11-1

Rider Ludrosky University 2nd @ NY, 7th @ Union Local

Velas WP Fall  Ludrosky Univ no time

150 Faulks, Savier (Steubenville) over Heath, Michael Oak Glen) Decision 10-5

C.J. Spencer (Indian Creek) tech. fall Makiya Powell (Park. South) tf18-3 Spencer Champion @ Barn

Matthew Hamad (Nordonia) dec. Ryan Ward (John Marshall) 2-0 4th @ Barn

Logan Tague (Barnesville) dec. Karson Milhoan*BARN (X3) 2-1 5th @ Barn

Ryan Ward (John Marshall) dec. Logan Tague (Barnesville) 6-2

C.J. Spencer (Indian Creek) maj. dec. Ryan Ward (John Marshall) md16-2

C.J. Spencer (Indian Creek) pin Karson Milhoan*BARN (X3) 4:28

 Rider Ludrosky (University ) 8-4 won by decision over Nathaniel Berhalter (Linsly) 11-2 (Dec 4-2)

Devyn Fleeger (Cranberry) 5-1 won by fall over Nathaniel Berhalter (Linsly) 11-2 (Fall 2:30) 4th @ Univ

Chad Jesko (Connellsville) 9-2 won by decision over Rider Ludrosky (University ) 8-4 (Dec 6-0) 2nd @ Univ

Hunter Randolph-12 Walsh Dec Quinton Velas-12 Wheeling Park 11-10 6th @ North Canton

Savier Faulks-11 Steubenville Dec Landon Crum-12 Union Local 10-4

Quinton Velas-12 Wheeling Park Tech Fall Jayden Shaw-9 East Liverpool 16-0

150 - Quinton Velas (Wheeling Park Hs) over Charles (CJ) Spencer (INDIAN CREEK) SV-1 7-5

150 - Savior Faulks (STEUBENVILLE) over Ryan Ward (John Marshall) TF 16-0

150: Ludrosky (Univ) dec Ward (JM) 8-7

152 Stephen, Reese (Barnesville,OH) over Velas, Quinton (Wheeling Park Hs)
Decision 6-2

 Gavin Michael (FS) Ryan Ward (JM) Dec 4-0 2nd @ Cam

Nathaniel Berhalter (LIN) Damenyon Brown (STC) Dec 4-2

150 Dakota Hagedorn (U) dec. Makiya Powell, 10-3

Ryan Ward JM Fall Shaw EL 0:20




Paterra's number 1 ranking in the state puts him above the other multiple state placers and state ranked wrestler here. The top 3 here seem to be ahead.

Paterra dec King 2-1, Parker Fall King.....

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2022 OVAC 2021 OVAC 2020
1 Paterra Dominic IC 12th 1st 152   5th 138
2 Parker Dom Univ 12th      
3 King Ayden Barn 10th 3rd 145    
4 Wheeler Kyle PS 12th 8th 145    
5 Bittinger Hunter HC 11th      
6 Heath Michael OG 11th      
7 Nelson Denver BL 11th      
8 Simmons Kail Steub 10th      
9 Washington Malaki WP 9th      
10 Ferguson Dylan BvL 12th      
11 Pyle Peyton Bpt 12th 7th 145    
12 Vessels Aaron Mari 12th      
13 Baldo Anthony JM 11th      
14 Davis Jordan Mag 12th      
INJ Osman Andrew Shad 11th      
15 Palian Fisher Lin 11th      
16 Wiley Rowan EL 9th      
17 Carr Eric WL 9th      


1st- Dominic Paterra (Indian Creek) pin Hunter Rose (New Lexington) 5:15 Champion @ Camb @ 165

Dominic Paterra (Indian Creek) pin Dylan Ferguson (Beaver Local) 2:10

Malaki Washington (WP) (4-1)  4th @ Washington

Dom Parker (University) 9-0, Sr. Fall Ayden King (Barnesville) 8-2, So. (Fall 5:53) Champion @ UL

Peyton Pyle (Bridgeport) 6-1, Sr. d Kail Simmons (Steubenville) 3-2, So. (Dec 2-0) @ UL

Ayden King (Barnesville) 8-2 Fall Peyton Pyle (Bridgeport) 6-1 (Fall 2:10) @ UL

157-Dom Paterra (IC) Fall Denvar Nelson (BL) 2:44

Parker Univ TF Washington WP 17-2

157 Dlugopolski, Braxton (Oak Glen) over Simmons, Kail (Steubenville) Fall 3:55

Dominic Paterra (Indian Creek) dec. Ayden King (Barnesville) 2-1

165 Gage Bolt (Westfall) pin Kyle Wheeler (Park. South) 0:54 2nd @ Barn

Michael Heath (Oak Glen) dec. Ryan Chafins (Beaver Local) 8-5

Dom Parker (University ) 13-0 won by fall over Fisher Palian (Linsly) 10-3 (Fall 0:17)

Fisher Palian (Linsly) 10-3 won by decision over Landon Rhodes (Keyser) 16-3 (Dec 9-4) 3rd @ Univ

 Dom Parker (University ) 13-0 major decision over Cole Turner (Preston Hs) 16-3 (MD 9-1) Champion @ Univ

157 Simmons, Kail (Steubenville) over Chafins, Ryan (Beaver Local) Decision 8-4

Dom Parker (University) over Denvar Nelson (BUCKEYE LOCAL) Fall 0:39

157 - Kail Simmons (STEUBENVILLE) over Anthony Baldo (John Marshall) Fall 1:31

Hunter Bittinger (Harrison Central) 15-1, Jr. TF Joshua Breakfield (Greenfield McClain) 7-2, Sr. (TF-1.5 2:59 (15-0)) Champion @ WJ

157 Dom Parker (University) over Kail Simmons (STEUBENVILLE) Fall 0:12

Michael Heath OG Fall Peyton Pyle Bpt

Heath OG d Chafins BvL 2-1

Michael Heath (OG) Jordan Davis (MAG) Fall Champion @ Cam

Anthony Baldo (JM) Fisher Palian (LIN) Fall

Jordan Davis (MAG) Fisher Palian (LIN) Fall

Michael Heath (OG) Anthony Baldo (JM) Dec 3-1

157 Dom Parker (U) p. Kyle Wheeler, 1:20




This is a wide open weight now. The top 3 here are above the rest for now.

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2022 OVAC 2021 OVAC 2020
1 Maynard Jameson WP 10th 6th 170    
2 Dlugopolski Braxton OG 12th 7th 152   8th 113
3 Wallace Klypson JM 10th 4th 182    
4 Williams Jason WL 11th      
5 Blissenbach Gabe SL 11th      
6 Waggoner Ethan ED 12th      
7 Brady Wyatt WC 9th      
8 Witsberger Nathan StC 12th      
9 McFarland Johnny MF 12th      
10 Chafins Ryan BvL 11th      
11 Moore Garrett Brk 10th      
12 Milhoan Karson Barn 11th      
13 Blakely Landin Lin 12th      
14 Bush Trent PS 10th      
15 Ludrosky Rider Univ 10th      


Pre season results:

Braxton Dlugopolsoki OG Fall Maynard WP


Gabe Blissenbach-11 Southern Local Fall Kylar Postlethwait-10 Tusky Valley 0:34 Champion @ Malvern

Jameson Maynard (WP) (4-1) placed 2nd @ Washington

Dakota Hagedorn (University) 9-0, Sr. TF Johnny McFarland (Martins Ferry) 4-1, Sr. (TF-1.5 0:00 (18-1) @ UL

Maynard WP d Hagedorn Univ (9-7)

Gage Bolt (Westfall) pin Kyle Wheeler (Park. South) 0:54 2nd @ Barn

Kyle Wheeler (Park. South) dec. Colby Langley (Caldwell) 6-2

Tyler Lintner (Austintown-Fitch) tech. fall Braxton Dlugopolski (Oak Glen) tf22-6 2nd @ BvL

Gabe Bissenbach (Southern Local) Default Niko Poullas (Canfield) Default 3rd @ BvL

Gabe Morgan (Beaver Local) pin Ethan Waggoner (Edison) 4:52 @ 175

Dakota Hagedorn (University ) 13-1 fall over Michael Mansfield (Chariers Houston) 7-9 (Fall 0:56) 3rd @ Univ

Jameson Maynard-10 Wheeling Park Dec Greyson Siders-11 Dalton 4-3 Champion @ North Canton

175 Maynard, Jameson (Wheeling Park) Fall Moore,Gavin (Brooke Co)  1:57

165 - Nolan Blackburn (STEUBENVILLE) over Maverick Lemasters (John Marshall) Dec 5-2

165 Dakota Hagedorn (University) over Nolan Blackburn (STEUBENVILLE) Fall 2:58

165 Dakota Hagedorn (University) over Jameson Maynard (Wheeling Park Hs) Dec 15-8

Braxton Dlugopolsoki OG Fall Witsberger StC

Braxton Dlugopolsoki OG d Wyatt Brady WC 6-0

165 Moore, Garrett (Brooke) over Blackburn, Nolan (Steubenville) Decision 11-4

1st- Gabe Bissenbach (Southern Local) dec. Johnny McFarland (Martins Ferry) 8-2

150: Egidio DiFazio (Dov) dec. Dakota Hagedorn (Univ) 8-3

 Braxton Dlugopolski (OG) Klypsan Wallace (JM) Dec 3-0 Champion @ Cam

Wyatt Brady (WCC) Nathan Witsberger (STC) Dec 8-4

Klypsan Wallace (JM) Wyatt Brady (WCC) Fall

165 Trent Bush (PS) dec. Rider Ludrosky, 8-3

Klypsan Wallace (JM) d Bilssenbach, Gabe (Southern Local) 3-2






This could be the OVAC match of the tournament!?

Have they met before? 

175 Gage Wright (PS) dec. Luca Felix, 7-0

The 2 champions are above the rest, with Wright placing in 2 national tournaments ! The next 10 placers will be interesting to watch.

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2022 OVAC 2021 OVAC 2020
1 Wright Gage PS 11th 1st 170    
2 Felix Luca Univ 11th 1st 145    
3 Angel Adam Cam 12th 4th 170    
4 Hulsey George MF 12th      
5 Llewellyn Ethan IC 10th 8th 182    
6 Morgan Gabe BvL 11th 6th 182    
7 Morris Wyatt SL 12th      
8 Nixon Robby Barn 12th      
9 Lemasters Maverick JM 10th      
10 Barganski Joey OG 12th      
11 Strahler Aden WL 10th      
12 Weiner Neri Lin 11th      
13 Moore Gavin Brk 11th      


1st-Hunter Dietrich (Minerva) d Ethan Llewellyn (Indian Creek) 5-3 2nd @ Camb

3rd- Remmington Myers (Indian Valley) pin Gabe Morgan (Beaver Local) 2:01 4th @ Camb

Meliki Manley-12 Scc Fall Isiah Skinner-12 Toronto 1:34 Manley 3rd @ Malvern

1st-Marshal Sayre (Caldwell) pin Karl Warren (Nelsonville-York) 0:29 Champion @ Waterford @ 190

175: Neri Weiner (Lin) Fall Gavin Moore (Brk) 5:40

Luca Felix (University) 10-0, Jr. Fall Ethan Waggoner (Edison ) 5-1, Sr. 1:31 Champion @ UL

 George Hulsey (Martins Ferry) 4-1 d Nathan Witsberger (St. Clairsville) 5-2 (Dec 12-5) @ UL

175: Neri Weiner (Lin) Fall Gavin Moore (Brk) 5:40

Cody Coontz (Rootstown) def. Klypsan Wallace (John Marshall) Default 4th @ Barn

Klypsan Wallace (John Marshall) dec. Ethan Llewellyn (Indian Creek) 1-0

Ethan Llewellyn (Indian Creek) tech. fall Trent Bush (Park. South) tf16-0

Gabe Morgan (Beaver Local) pin Ethan Waggoner (Edison) 4:52

 Luca Felix (University ) 14-0 tech fall over Owen Klimas (Preston Hs) 15-4 (TF-1.5 4:00 (18-3)) Champion @ Univ

Ladainian Hanlon-10 East Liverpool Pin0:58 Noah West-10 Steubenville

190 Washington, Gavin (Wheeling Park) dec Moore,Garrett (Brooke Co)  7-1

190 Luca Felix (University) over Gavin Washington (Wheeling Park Hs) Fall 4:50

175 George Hulsey (MF) dec Ethan Llewellyn (IC) 7-4

1st- George Hulsey (Martins Ferry) dec. Wyatt Morris (Southern Local) 8-6 OT Champion @ Shad

Sean Winfrey (TC) Joey Barganski (OG) Fall 2nd @ Cam

175 Gage Wright (PS) dec. Luca Felix, 7-0

Morris, Wyatt (Southern Local) d Maverick LeMasters JM 5-3







The top 3 are ahead of the pack. and the rest of the weight is wide open!

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2022 OVAC 2021 OVAC 2020
1 Shockey Robert PS 11th 3rd 160    
2 Williams Eric EL 12th      
3 Wise Tyler Brk 11th 5th 195    
4 Sauers Greg OG 10th      
5 McMillion Luke IC 9th      
6 Finsley Alexander MF 12th      
7 Hawkins Gage Weir 12th      
8 Sayre Marshall Cald 12th 7th 170    
9 Walker Jacob StC 12th 8th 195    
10 Curran Kane BvL 10th      
11 Pate Jackson Univ 10th      
12 Strahler Aden WL 10th      
13 Potts Timmy SL 10th      
14 McFadden Chase BL 11th      
15 Marshall Kellen Steub 12th      
16 Fisher Josh Well 12th      
17 Washington Gavin WP 12th      
18 Clancey Jayden ED 12th      


Kane Curran (Beaver Local) MD Bryce Justice (Licking Valley) 10-1 3rd @ Camb

Timmy Potts-10 Southern Local Fall Josh Fisher Wellsville 3:06 Potts 2nd @ Malvern

Alexander Finsley (Martins Ferry) 4-0, Sr. d Jacob Walker (St. Clairsville) 6-1, Sr. (Dec 6-4) @ UL

Jackson Pate (University) 8-3, So. Fall Max McConnell (Edison ) 3-2, Jr. (Fall 3:30)

 Aden Strahler 10, Warren Local Champion @ WL

Josh Fisher Well 2nd @ United

190 Sauers, Greg (Oak Glen) over Marshall, Kellen (Steubenville) Decision 7-2

Lee Burkett (Troy Christian) Default Robert Shockey (Park. South) Default 2nd @ Barn

Marshal Sayre (Caldwell) pin Marshall Meade (Barnesville) 0:35

Jayden Clancey (Edison) pin Timmy Potts (Southern Local) 4:42

 Andre Averette (Boardman) dec. Jayden Clancey (Edison) 7-1 4th @ BvL

Greg Sauers (Oak Glen) dec. Kane Curran (Beaver Local) 4-2

Jackson Pate (University ) 10-3  fall over Jimmy Gregg (University ) 7-2 (Fall 2:32) 3rd @ Univ

Kaiden Haines-12 Minerva Dec Eric Williams-12 East Liverpool 6-3 2nd @ North Canton

William Robinson (Shadyside) 7-2, Sr. over Owen Walters (Coshocton) 4-6, Jr. (Fall 0:25) 3rd @ Cosh

190 Jackson Pate (University) over Kellen Marshall (STEUBENVILLE) Fall 1:14

Finsley MF d Sauers OG 11-5

Bailey EL Fall Finsley MF

Sauers OG d Walker StC 2-0

190: Gabe Morgan (BvL) DEC 6-1 over Greg Sauers (OG)

190 Luke McMillion (IC) dec Alexander Finsley ( MF) 3-1

190 Alex Finsley (MF) dec Michal SMith (HC) 14-10

190 Hawkins, Gage (Weir) over Marshall, Kellen (Steubenville) Maj Dec 11-2

Josh Fisher  Wellsville Pinned Jayden Clancey Edison

Eric Williams (East Liverpool) 17-2 won by decision over Hunter Hutcheson (Madison (Mansfield)) 19-3 (Dec 10-4) 3rd @ JC Gorman

1st- Alexander Finsley (Martins Ferry) dec. Timmy Potts (Southern Local) 9-6 Champion @ Shad

Greg Sauers (OG) Jacob Walker (STC) Dec 1-0 3rd @ Cam


190 Greg Sauers (OG) dec Luke McMillion 4-0





Kehler makes a statement, so does Wise. It will be interesting to see how the different styles of wrestling pan out at this weight. The weight has a solid 10 wrestlers in it.

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2022 OVAC 2021 OVAC 2020
1 Thomas Lucas HC 11th 1st 220    
2 Kehler Brock Univ 10th 2nd 195    
3 Brothers Erick WP 12th 2nd 220   3rd 182
4 Llewellyn Elijah IC 12th     3rd 195
5 Morris Ayden PS 11th      
6 Martin Isaac WC 9th      
7 Stiles Jamison ED 12th 8th 220    
8 Ostovich Spencer Steub 12th      
9 Bailey Johnny EL 10th 8th 170    
10 Strawn Brayden Riv 12th      
11 Taylor Landon Lin 10th      
12 Ivey Ryan StC 10th      
13 Schmidt Noah OG 9th      
14 Presscott Isaac BvL 10th      


Isaac Presscott (Beaver Local) d Isaac Mckinney (Sheridan) 7-3 7th @ Camb

Erick Brothers Jr. (WP) (4-1) 2nd @ Washington

Kehler (Univ) Champion @ NY

Brock Kehler (University) 10-0, So. Fall Brycen Arthur (Parkersburg South) 4-1, So.  1:31 Champion @ UL

Brayden Strawn (River) 4-1, d Cody Stecyk (St. Clairsville) 5-2, Jr. 2-1 @ UL

Brycen Arthur (Parkersburg South) 4-1 MD Brayden Strawn (River) 4-1 9-1

Kehler Univ MD Brothers WP (9-1)

Teddy Gregory (Stow-Munroe Falls) pin Elijah Llewellyn (Indian Creek) 5:56 2nd @ Barn

Wyatt Shaw (Claymont) pin Brycen Arthur (Park. South) 0:42 4th @ Barn

Noah Schmidt (Oak Glen) dec. Max McConnell (Edison) 10-4

Max McConnell (Edison) pin Isaac Presscott (Beaver Local) 0:51

 Brock Kehler (University ) 14-0 won by fall over Landon Taylor (Linsly) 10-3 (Fall 0:48)

Brock Kehler (University ) 14-0  fall over Evan Helm (East Fairmont) 7-2 (Fall 1:35) Champion @ Univ

Jr.-12 Erick Brothers Wheeling Park Dec Cody Fair-11 Massillon 3-1 3rd @ North Canton

Tyler Wise (Brk)   decision  Erick Brothers, Jr. (WP) 3-2

285 Ostovich, Spenser (Steubenville) over Prescott, Issac (Beaver Local) Fall 0:04

Lucas Thomas (Harrison Central) 16-1, Jr. over Isaac Carter (Grove City) 20-3, Sr. (MD 12-2) Champion @ WJ

215 Brock Kehler (University) over Spenser Ostovich (STEUBENVILLE) Fall 1:22

Martin WC Fall Stiles Ed

Martin WC Fall Taylor Lin

215 Lucas Thomas (HC) dec Elijah Llewellyn 6-4

Caleb Cunningham (Crestview) 10-2 won by decision over Jonathon Bailey (East Liverpool) 14-3 (Dec 4-3) 6th @ JC Gorman

Isaac Martin (WCC) Landon Taylor (LIN) Fall Champion @ Cam

215 : Brayden Strawn winner by fall over Landon Taylor ( Linsly) 1st period

215 Brock Kehler (U) p. Ayden Morris, 1:39





Most are still getting out of football shape...... The top 3 have not met each other this season so heavy weight should be fun to watch

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2022 OVAC 2021 OVAC 2020
1 Bier Marshall Riv 12th 3rd 285    
2 Thomas Landon HC 10th 4th 285    
3 McCoy Zane BvL 12th 6th 285    
4 Harper Javin Steub 11th      
5 Hastings Ryder Univ 9th      
6 Means Hunter WP 10th      
7 Smith Morgan FF 11th      
8 Saling Axle Shen 11th      
9 Tristano Joe Dov 12th      
10 Arthur Brycen PS 11th 6th 220    
11 Palian Anderson Lin 9th      
12 Wright Mathieu JM 11th      
13 Fry Logan StC 12th      
14 Bryan Gunnar Cam 12th      
15 Norman Jase Cald 11th      


Zane Pletcher (New Lexington) d Zane McCoy (Beaver Local) 4-0 2nd @ Camb

Tristano (Dov) 3rd @ JOHN BROWN MEMORIAL

Hunter Means (WP) (5-0) placed 1st @ Washington

Ryder Hastings (University) 9-1, Fr. Fall Trentt Fulgham (Circleville) 9-1, Sr. 1:52 Champion @ UL

Morgan Smith 11, Fort Frye 2nd @ WL

Means WP Fall Hastings Univ no time

Harper, Javin (Steubenville) over Guidino, Ritchie (Oak Glen) Fall 2:30

Axle Saling (Shenandoah) pin Will Greenberg (Hawken) 5:53 Champion @ Barn

Axle Saling Shen Fall HVY Teays Valley (6th state div1)

Mathieu Wright (John Marshall) pin Eli Wheeler (Park. South) 1:20

Zane McCoy (Beaver Local) dec. Joey Tristano (Dover) 6-2

Ryder Hastings (University ) 11-1 won by fall over Braylon Brown (Morgantown) 8-4 (Fall 0:20)

Anderson Palian (Linsly) 12-1 won by decision over Tyler Gallis (Connellsville) 5-5 (Dec 4-2) 3rd @ Univ

Ryder Hastings (University ) 11-1  fall over Mason Neiderhiser (Southmoreland) 6-3 (Fall 0:59) Champion @ Univ

Anthony Miller-11 Lake Pin1:49 Hunter Means-10 Wheeling Park 8th @ North Canton

Marshall Bier (River) pin Morgan Smith (Fort Frye) 0:30

Noah Lively*RIVE (X5) pin Morgan Smith (Fort Frye) 2:42

1st- Marshall Bier (River) pin Noah Lively*RIVE (X5) 0:25 1st @ FF

3rd-Travis Childers*RIVE (X2) dec. Wyatt Williams (Caldwell) 5-1 4th @ FF

285 - Javin Harper (STEUBENVILLE) over Mathieu Wright (John Marshall) Dec 10-9

285 - Hunter Means (Wheeling Park Hs) over Axle Saling (SHENANDOAH) Fall 1:44

Landen Thomas (Harrison Central) 14-1, So. over Griffin Flusche (Gahanna Lincoln) 11-3, Sr. (Fall 2:52) Champion @ WJ

Javin Harper (STEUBENVILLE) over Ryder Hastings (University) Fall 3:43

285: Ryder Hastings (Univ) pinned Joe Tristano (Dov) 2:17

Anderson Palian (LIN) Mathieu Wright (JM) Dec 5-2 Champion @ Cam

285 Anderson Palian 9 (23-1) pinned Logan Fry (STC) in the semifinals at the STC Tournament

285: Marshal Bier winner by fall over Palian Anderson (Linsly) :38 seconds.

285 Ryder Hastings (U) p. Brycen Arthur, 1:41




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