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Here we go with the 16th year of my rankings. The OVAC has 134 over all placers returning counting the last three years, 70 placers returning this year!




This is a wide open weight! Should be fun to watch, we may also have our 1st female placer!?

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2018 OVAC 2017 OVAC 2016
1 Barr Camden OG 11th 7th 106    
2 Overly Alex Shen 10th      
3 Savage Joe Tor 10th      
4 Salsberry Jaymin BvL 9th      
5 Hostetler Michael Univ 10th      
6 Stephen Griffen Barn 9th      
7 Stillion Jarrett Mead 10th      
8 Miller Samantha PS 11th      
9 Tschappat Matthew JM 10th      
10 Bailey Kaleb EL 9th      
11 Shevlin Anthony Steub 9th      
12 Kazmirski Gannon StC 9th      

Alex Overly (Shenandoah) pin Griffen Stephen (Barnesville) 4:38

 Jarrett Stillion (Meadowbrook) dec. Griffen Stephen (Barnesville) 10-4

Colton Dugan (Beaver) maj. dec. Brodie Tait (Warren) md19-6 for 7th place @ Camb

Samantha Miller (PS) dec. Matthew Tschappat, 8-2

Jarrett Stillion (Meadowbrook) pin Cody Taggart (Wheeling Park) 5:02

Griffen Stephen (Barnesville) dec. Jarrett Stillion (Meadowbrook) 3-0

Jarrett Stillion (Meadowbrook) pin Trevor Herbert (Buckeye Local) 4:54

Alex Overly (Shenandoah) dec. Griffen Stephen (Barnesville) 5-3




Stockett is in charge here the other spot is open.

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2018 OVAC 2017 OVAC 2016
1 Stockett Jace Univ 11th 2nd 106    
2 Moore Shawn OG 12th 4th 113 5th 113  
3 Easton Devin PS 10th 4th 106    
4 Shelek Nate WP 9th      
5 Niswonger Marshal Cald 12th 7th 113 8th 106  
6 Reed Eric Camb 10th 8th 106    
7 Emmerling Jr. Mark BvL 9th      
8 Murray/Smalley   Steub        
9 Wells Carter Barn 9th      
10 Yost Danny Brk 11th 6th 106    
11 Ross Zac IC 10th      
12 Cochran Carl JM 9th      

Zac Ross (Indian Creek) maj. dec. Carter Wells (Barnesville) md20-12

Jaymin Salsberry (Beaver) 3rd @ Camb

N. Shelek (WP) FALL Yost (Brk)

Carter Wells (Barnesville) dec. Danny Yost (Brooke) 3-0

Marshal Niswonger (Caldwell) pin Nate Shelek (Wheeling Park) 5:06

Zac Ross (Indian Creek) 7-1, So. over Nate Loot (Catholic Central) 1-2, So. (Fall 1:58)



The champion will be challenged by this group!

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2018 OVAC 2017 OVAC 2016
1 Williams Howard EL 10th 1st 106    
2 Kish Koen StC 10th 3rd 113    
3 Woodburn John BvL 10th 3rd 106    
4 Simpson Matthew Univ 12th   6th 106  
5 Ferguson Aaron Steub 10th      
6 Richardson Maison WP 12th 6th 120 7th 120 8th 106
7 Johnson Brayden PS 10th 6th 113    
8 Bonfini Joseph Bell 12th   7th 106  
9 Francis AJ Barn 10th      
10 Carman Gabe JM 9th      
11 Tice Jason Well 11th      

Fancis Barn 2nd @ UL

Mark Emmerling Jr. (Beaver) 3rd @ Camb

Brayden Johnson (PS) maj. dec. Gabe Carman, 14-4

Howard Williams (East Liverpool) dec. Maison Richardson (Wheeling Park) 6-3



Logan Ours BvL the most decorated OAC wrestler of all time, 7 state championships & 10 state placements!  Ours makes a statement from the get go. He will be challenged by the numerous placers at 126.

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2018 OVAC 2017 OVAC 2016
1 Ours Logan BvL 9th      
2 Windland Tucker PS 12th 1st 120 2nd 106 6th 106
3 Staud Jake Univ 11th 2nd 120 3rd 113  
4 Blasko Peyton Steub 12th 2nd 113 4th 106  
5 Gatrell Terry Mead 12th 3rd 120 3rd 106 5th 106
6 Crall Ryley UL 12th 5th 126 6th 120  
7 Elerick Quintin StC 11th 8th 120    
8 Houser Derek CV 12th      
9 Gray Ethan JM 11th      
NA Kellar Peyton WL 11th      
INJ Murphy Isaak WP 11th 5th 106    

  Ours BvL d McComas BvL 3-1 in wrestle offs

Logan Ours (Beaver) dec. Peyten Kellar (Warren) 4-2 OT 1st @ Camb

Tucker Windland (PS) p. Ethan Gray, 1:25

Kish (STC) won by inj. def. over Antill

 Peyten Kellar (Warren) dec Logan Ours (Beaver) 4-2   @ Ironman

Maison Richardson (Wheeling Park) maj. dec. A.J. Francis (Barnesville) md11-0







McComas up 3 weight classes & Simpson lead the pack here.

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2018 OVAC 2017 OVAC 2016
1 McComas Cole BvL 11th 1st 113 1st 106  
2 Simpson Jacob Univ 12th 2nd 126 3rd 120 6th 113
3 Muldrew Tyler Steub 10th 4th 120    
4 Palmer Brian BL 10th 7th 120    
5 Shamblin Mikey PS 12th   5th 132 5th 120
6 Welker Cannon WP 11th      
7 Dalby Jordan UL 12th   7th 113  
8 Shook Peyton JM 12th      
9 Ray Gavin OG ?      
10 Blackburn Nick Shen 10th      
11 McCammon Cole Barn 10th      

Brian Palmer (Buckeye Local) pin Nick Blackburn (Shenandoah) 3:07

Cole McCammon (Barnesville) pin Ryley Crall (Union Local) 2:36

Nick Blackburn (Shenandoah) pin Cole McCammon (Barnesville) 1:11

Cole McComas (Beaver) dec. Shaun Pletcher (Philo) 5-1 1st @ Camb

Gavin Ray (Oak Glen) 7-0, So. over Wyatt Conley (Weir) 4-1, Jr. (Dec 13-7)



Hall OG looks for his 3rd final appearance in as many years!

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2018 OVAC 2017 OVAC 2016
1 Hall Peyton OG 11th 2nd 132 1st 120  
2 Muldrew Jacson Steub 12th   3rd 126 4th 113
3 Wiley Colin Cald 11th 5th 138    
4 Quiocho Gavin PS 10th 5th 132    
5 Johnson Hayden ED 11th 5th 120    
6 Wohner Trey CV 12th 6th 132    
7 Potts Jonathan BvL 10th      
8 Dozier Garrett Tor 10th 8th 126    
9 Mitchell Steven WP 10th      
10 Love Austin JM 12th   6th 126  
11 Kenworthy Caden Camb 9th      
12 Baird Roman WM 11th      

Potts Bvl over Salsberry Bvl

Mitchell WP over Gooch WP

Jonathan Potts (Beaver) dec. Ben Goedel (Warren) 7-0 3rd @ Camb

Caden Kenworthy (Cambridge) 5th @ Camb

Gavin Quiocho (PS) p. Austin Love, 3:36

Kenworthy (Camb) d. Stout StC 9-4

Hayden Johnson (Edison) 9-0, Jr. over Jeremy Brown (Indian Creek) 7-3, So. (Dec 15-8)



Deep in talent & experience Shelek WP should not be overlooked!

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2018 OVAC 2017 OVAC 2016
1 Cook Alec WM 12th 3rd 138 1st 132 7th 120
2 Lasure Skyler BvL 11th 3rd 132 4th 120  
3 Roberts Brayden PS 11th 1st 126 5th 120  
4 Minella Zane Steub 12th 3rd 126 4th 126  
5 Creese Jonathan OG 11th   8th 145  
6 Shelek Andrew WP 10th      
7 Bennett Brise Univ 12th      
8 Ward Chase MF 11th      
9 Bennett Logan EL 11th      
10 Milhoan Dylan SL 11th      
11 Starr Austin IC 9th      
12 McWhorter Caleb UL 9th      
13 Sarge Justin Well 11th      
14 Heatherington Griffen Bell 12th      
15 Glotfelty Dylan Barn 12th      
16 VanDyne Wyatt Beal 10th      
17 Giovengo Julian Lin 12th      

Notes: Lasure BvL d Roberts PS 1-0 UT (2017)

Alec Cook (Madonna) pin Julian Giovengo (Linsly) 1:56

Dylan Glotfelty (Barnesville) pin Wyatt VanDyne (Beallsville) 3:53

Skyler Lasure (Beaver) dec. Adam Lenhoff (Indian Valley) 7-1 1st @ Camb

Brock Wilke (West Branch) pin Devon Salsberry*BEA (X2) 4:04 4th @ Camb

Cook 1st @ UL

Alec Cook TF Star IC 22-7

Starr Fall Dylan Glotfelty 45 Sec. @ U.L.

Starr IC d Griffen Heatherington Bell 6-4

Alec cook WM MD Minella Steub 16-4

Logan Bennett (East Liverpool) dec. Dylan Glotfelty (Barnesville) 8-5

Austin Starr (Indian Creek) 10-1, Fr. over Julian Giovengo (Linsly) 8-2, Sr. (TF-1.5 0:00 (17-1)




The top 2 here are interchangeable!

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2018 OVAC 2017 OVAC 2016
1 Hinzman Zane PS 12th 2nd 160 1st 152 6th 152
2 Rice Anthony Steub 12th 1st 138 3rd 138 3rd 138
3 Kuneff Mason Bpt 12th 4th 132   6th 120
4 Krulik Logan BvL 10th  5th 160    
5 Wukelic Mitch IC 12th 6th 145 5th 138  
6 Helms Christopher Weir 12th 7th 152    
7 Walker Gage EL 12th 8th 138 8th 138  
8 Timberlake Jeremiah WP 12th   8th 138  
9 Crum Brady UL 10th      
10 Kerns Cooper Camb 12th      
11 Woods Cameron Barn 10th      

Woods Barn 2nd @ UL

Crum UL 3rd @ UL

Logan Krulik (Beaver) dec. Jared Wright*BEA (X3) 2-1 1st & 2nd @ Camb

Jeremiah Timberlake (Wheeling Park) dec. Brady Crum (Union Local) 5-1

Jeremiah Timberlake (Wheeling Park) dec. Cameron Woods (Barnesville) 3-1

Jeremiah Timberlake (Wheeling Park) dec. Billy Gooch-WP (XT1) 3-1




Smith is in charge here

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2018 OVAC 2017 OVAC 2016
1 Smith Beau BvL 12th 2nd 145 2nd 152 5th 132
2  Albaugh Cody Bell 12th 5th 152    
3 Pappas Ethan Steub 10th 6th 170    
4 Nixon Hunter WP 9th      
5 Camilletti Max Brk 11th      
6 Linder Wyatt PS 12th      
7 Oliver Owen Barn 11th      
8 Dobbs Colton Cam 12th      
9 Pauley Braeden Univ 12th      
10 Daniels Evan WM 10th      
INJ Wood Jordan JM 12th     2nd 106
INJ Deaton Jarrett Bpt 12th      
NA Oberidier Brady WL 11th      

Mason Kuneff (Bridgeport) pin Owen Oliver (Barnesville) 1:51

Brenden Severs (Beaver) maj. dec. Brady Oberdier (Warren) md8-0 1st @ Camb

Charles Smith BL Fall Cody Albaugh Bell

Nixon (WP) MD 10-2 Camilletti (Brk)

Hunter Nixon (Wheeling Park) pin Owen Oliver (Barnesville) 2:41

Max Camilletti (Brooke) pin Owen Oliver (Barnesville) 4:18




The placers will be push by BvL 2nd Jr High State Champion  Branndon Severs.

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2018 OVAC 2017 OVAC 2016
1 Berisford Jacob JM 12th 4th 170 6th 152  
2 Clouse Brylan Barn 12th 3rd 160    
3 Kusic Santino Bpt 12th 5th 170 3rd 152  
4 Wilson Logan IC 12th 7th 170 6th 160  
5 Smith Charles BL 11th 7th 160    
6 Severs Branndon BvL 9th      
7 Kerns Cooper Camb 12th      
8 Skaggs Reese StC 10th 8th 152    
9 Kinney Brandon Steub 9th      
10 Buckalew  Elijah PS 12th      

Santino Kusic (Bridgeport) pin Charles Smith (Buckeye Local) 3:54

Charles Smith (Buckeye Local) pin Leo Baker (Fort Frye) 0:52

1st- Beau Smith (Beaver) dec. Layne Talbot (New Lexington) 8-7 1st @ Camb

Jacob Berisford (JM) p. Elijah Buckalew, 0:32

M. Kuneff (Bpt) p. Skaggs StC 3:40

Kerns (Camb) d. Skaggs StC 7-5

M. Kuneff (Bpt) p. Kerns Camb 4:40

Charles Smith BL Fall Cody Albaugh Bell




Carman is still going up weight classes & we should expect another final match for the WVU recruit!.

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2018 OVAC 2017 OVAC 2016
1 Carman Anthony JM 12th 1st 160 2nd 138  
2 Tuttle David Steub 11th 3rd 170 4th 160  
3 Stillwagoner James Mag 11th 6th 182    
4 Fullerton Dalton PS 12th 7th 195    
5 Morris Hunter SL 10th 8th 170    
6 McFarland Richard MF 11th      
7 LeRussi Christian BvL 12th      
8 Erwin Blayne HC 12th      
9 Chrsitian Shayne BL ?      

Neil Ginnetti (West Branch) dec. Christian Lerussi (Beaver) 9-3 4th @ Camb

Anthony Carman (JM) tech. fall Dalton Fullerton, 16-1

Richard McFarland (Martins Ferry) dec. Shayne Chrsitian (Buckeye Local) 5-4



X teammates could be in the finals?

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2018 OVAC 2017 OVAC 2016
1 Cook Garrett WM 12th 2nd 182   7th 160
2 Kirby Donavan Weir 12th 4th 195 6th 195  
3 Bodnar Keith Steub 11th 5th 195    
4 Lowe Sam SL 10th 6th 195    
5 Dobson Drake MF 12th 7th 182 8th 160  
6 Morgan Daniel BvL 12th   4th 182  
7 Witsberger Derek StC 11th      
8 Snodgrass Jermain WP ?      
9 Wiley Mason Cald 12th      
10 Sanders Josh Univ 11th      
11 Buckalew Noah PS 10th      

 Blake Dayton (Philo) dec. Andrew Solansky (Beaver) 5-4 4th @ Camb

Cook 1st @ UL

Garrett Cook WM dec Bodnar Steub 3-1

Drake Dobson (Martins Ferry) dec. Mason Wiley (Caldwell) 8-1

Jermain Snodgrass (Wheeling Park) dec. Mason Wiley (Caldwell) 5-2



Amos is in charge here.

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2018 OVAC 2017 OVAC 2016
1 Amos Braxton PS 11th 1st 220    
2 Wood Dylan WP 12th 2nd 220 8th 220  
3 Wooley Skyler EL 11th 3rd 220    
4 Rice Dalton Shen 12th 5th 220    
5 Cesario Zac BL 11th      
6 Gribble Ben Univ 12th 6th 220    
7 Givens Derek BvL 12th      
8 McCamick Justin StC 12th      
9 Meade Zack Barn 12th      
10 Knight Chance Lin 11th      
11 Dobson Zac MF 9th      
INJ Pappas River SL 12th   7th 220  

Zac Cesario (Buckeye Local) pin Chance Knight (Linsly) 1:01

Zac Cesario (Buckeye Local) pin Zack Meade (Barnesville) 5:15

 Dalton Rice (Shenandoah) pin Zack Meade (Barnesville) 1:45

Givens did not wrestle @ Camb

Daniel Morgan (Beaver) pin Nicholas Wukotich*BEA (X2) 4:29 3rd & 4th @ Camb

Dalton Rice (Shenandoah) pin Zakary Dobson (Martins Ferry) 0:30

Skylor Wooley (East Liverpool) pin Zack Meade (Barnesville) 5:00

Zac Cesario (Buckeye Local) pin Dalton Rice (Shenandoah) 1:41

Dylan Wood (Wheeling Park) pin Zac Cesario (Buckeye Local) 1:57

Skylor Wooley (East Liverpool) pin Dalton Rice (Shenandoah) 2:48

Dalton Rice (Shenandoah) dec. Zac Cesario (Buckeye Local) 5-4

Donavan Kirby (Weir) 5-0, Sr. over Chance Knight (Linsly) 7-3, Jr. (Dec 7-1)



Haga looks for his 1st trip to the finals!

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2018 OVAC 2017 OVAC 2016
1 Haga Louden PS 12th 3rd 285 4th 285 6th 285
2 Wirth Daniel BvL 11th 4th 220 8th 170  
3 Hitchens Easton Shen 11th 8th 285    
4 Brueck Jordan Weir 11th      
5 Williams Brady JM 12th      
6 Hamrick Mikey Mag 11th      
7 English Cole OG 12th      
8 Ware Emanual Steub 11th      
9 Zubay Kaz EL 11th      
10 Delguzzo Trey StC 12th      

Jarrett Burress (Minerva) pin Daniel Wirth (Beaver) 1:20 2nd @ Camb

Louden Haga (PS) maj. dec. Brady Williams, 14-4

Donte Lewis (Martins Ferry) pin* Calvin McGaha (Wheeling Park) 5:44


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